Some recent fun

Life is busy; especially when you are a parent of small children and both you and your spouse have full time jobs. Don’t get me wrong I am incredibly lucky to have an amazing family and they are the driving light in my life. I would be lying however, if I said I never wished … More Some recent fun

My favorite sangiovese

Sangiovese is a lovely grape that produces great wines throughout Tuscany. Montalcino with its Brunello is probably the highest quality region for sangiovese, but my favorite happens to come from Chianti which is arguably the spiritual home of sangiovese. I have always liked sangiovese; when I was in my early stages as a wine drinker, … More My favorite sangiovese

Tasting weekends

I have had 2 celebrations recently with some great wines consumed. One was my wife’s birthday celebration (which was more than one day for the record) and then we had some great friends come in for the weekend and in honor of them we opened several great bottles. Here is a review of some of … More Tasting weekends