My name is Jonathan Newman.  I live in Bozeman, MT and I am moderately (depending on who you ask) obsessed with wine.  I have been sending newsletter type emails to my friends and family for a couple of years now that review various aspects or regions of wine and several of them have been clamoring for me to post everything in one place so they can review the info and not clutter up their emails.  So I am finally doing it.

I am not in the wine industry although for kicks I did take the certified specialist of wine exam through the Society of Wine Educators.  I passed so I am technically a CSW.  I enjoy many aspects of wine including drinking it; reading/learning about geography, geology, and climate of various regions; traveling to various wine regions; wine and food pairing; and sharing wine with friends and family.  This site is meant to provide information on various wine regions and wine grapes that I enjoy as well as my opinion on certain producers and specific wines.  You don’t have to agree with my opinion, but it is likely correct.

My wife Marilee and I on a visit to Burgundy in 2016

My passion in wine is Burgundy (and if you didn’t recognize it, the header pic is a tastevin classically used in Burgundy for barrel tastings).  This is the region that really sucked me into the vortex after a bottle I tried while still in school.  So that will give you an idea of my tastes.  I tend to lean towards the old world and am not a big fan of super ripe wines or wines with lots of oak.  That isn’t to say that I don’t like Napa Cabernet or Australian Shiraz, I just tend to enjoy only certain producers rather than the full spectrum.  All in all though I generally try to give any wine I drink a fair shot and try to keep myself out of ruts by trying different wine types and styles regularly.

In addition to enjoying wine I have many varied interests.  The main reason I live in Bozeman with my beautiful wife is because we enjoy being outdoors.  I am an avid cyclist (road, mountain, gravel) and skier.  I enjoy backcountry ski touring more than resort skiing, but I’ll take the chair if that’s what is available.  I also enjoy hiking, camping, fly fishing, rafting, hunting, traveling, reading, and cooking.

If you like anything that you see or if you despise everything on here, feel free to contact me via the link.  I won’t promise a response as this is not my actual job, but I like to engage with people so I’ll try to respond if I can and I am always interested in feedback or other opinions.  In the meantime, thanks for checking out the site and I hope that you get to drink some good wine soon!  After all life is too short to drink rubbish wine!