Ridge Monte Bello

As promised, I’m back and this time with a post that is not about Burgundy and not even about European wine! Call this my tariff piece? No, don’t get me started about that nonsense… anyway there is a lot of high quality wine produced in the US and while I still hope to have the … More Ridge Monte Bello

Carema delight

We had some friends in town recently who share an interest with us in enjoying delicious wines. So as we enjoyed several fabulous meals and wines together, I planned to pull an old wine out for us to enjoy (hopefully). The bottle was a 1964 Luigi Ferrando Carema White Label that I purchased from The … More Carema delight


In honor of one of the iconoclastic producers of Brunello di Montalcino who passed away yesterday, Gianfranco Soldera, I decided to do a little review of the region. Soldera was originally in the insurance business before purchasing his Case Basse estate in Montalcino. I can’t claim to know him personally, but from everything I’ve read … More Montalcino

Wine faults

Today I’d like to offer a brief overview of some of the faults or taints associated with wines. These are the bane of every wine lover’s existence… you have cellared a treasured bottle for 15 years, you have the perfect occasion to open it and enjoy it in all of its perfectly matured glory, you … More Wine faults